Friday, January 14, 2011

Ophiuchus, the 13th New Zodiac

If so far we only know the 12 zodiac signs surrounding the birth of us, not anymore. There are new constellations were added in the list of our zodiac, which is Ophiuchus, which also increased the number of the zodiac into 13.

The addition of this zodiac Parke Kunkle presented astronomers on NBC news station, on Wednesday (12 / 1). According to him, the alignment of the earth changed in the last 3,000 years. This encourages consideration of a new zodiac zodiac that comes into the standard. Some astronomers believe there are signs of the Zodiac, called Ophiuchus, which falls between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Ophiuchus is also known as Serpentarius, holder of a snake or dragon.

Zodiac sign of the 13, not like 12 other signs. Zodiac is illustrated with real people. In the 27th century BC in Ancient Egypt lived a man known as Imhotep. The ancient Greeks know more about Imphotep as 'Aesclepius'. The characteristics of the same with different names.

Imhotep is one of healing ability. Based on the legend, it was he who introduced a way of healing diseases to mankind. His knowledge of medicine is very broad. In fact, he was known as an expert in concocting medicines. Snake symbol that is still used today to symbolize the medical profession, is also used to represent Imhotep.

The following description is related to the new zodiac, Ophiuchus: many people are jealous of the success achieved during life, a seeker of wisdom and knowledge, many people envied, like wandering, flamboyant in dress, likes bright colors, always overlooked in all things , is more inclined to work as an architect or builder, number 12 indicates the number of people who sheltered zodiac luck, most people born in this zodiac has a large family, but left home at an early age.

Based on a revised zodiac, zodiac along with the following dates will apply:

Capricorn (Januari. 20 - February. 16)
Aquarius (Februari. 16 - March 11)
Pisces (March 11-April 18)
Aries (April 18-May 13)
Taurus (May 13-June 21)
Gemini (June 21-July 20)
Cancer (July 20 to August 10)
Leo (Agustus. 10 - September. 16)
Virgo (September. 16 - October. 30)
Libra (Oktober. 30 - November. 23)
Scorpio (November. 23 - November. 29)
Ophiuchus (November. 29 - December. 17)
Sagittarius (Desember. 17 - January. 20)

Well, if your current zodiac??


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