Monday, February 15, 2010

Want to Know "the body " Trio Macan? ( HOT )

Having worked with Ahmad Dhani on her latest album, Lia Ladysta which is also one motor vocal group Trio Macan, prepared to expand his creativity. Holding a Master Band vocalist named Ivan, he's planning a sideline project, which according to him,''Happeningnya borne not gonna less exciting with the presence of Tiger Trio,''he said in Jakarta, Sunday (14/02/2010).
Not merely rely on their appeal on stage with a rocking dangdut, and twisted his trademark vocals, Leah who just finished filming the movie Ghost Peak Coming Months, finalize project plans over this time. ''Because creativity this time also involving the heart,''he said, without detailing the purpose of sentence involving the liver. To be sure, recognition, vision, insight, and musical depth in the music industry, especially dangdut music expanded.
''Especially since partnered with Ivan,''he said referring to the vocalist of the bands from Sukabumi. By collaborating in cross-musicality, he added, then to fight in the music industry will more and more. If a dangdut music artists like himself, the tireless, energetic and continues to collaborate with other musicians, he is believed to have many advantages.
''For example, a network of more extensive, and the association also automatically benefit'', which is now clear Leah dating model and actor Philip Andreano (Nano).
Above reason, he was with Ivan build collaboration''inside out''. The point? Ah ..'' period does not understand, "she teased.


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