Monday, September 5, 2011

San Diego Car Accident Lawyer

Georgia Elevator Accident Causes Wrongful Death

Recently, an elderly couple from Brunswick, GA died at his home after the elevator between floors are haunted. From the elevator emergency phone did not work, 88 and 90 years old were unable to communicate with the outside world, and found days later with time.

Their children are now filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the South Georgia Elevator and his agent Ron Hickox for their negligence. Apparently, South Georgia inappropriate Elevator elevator repair the old couple and give it a working telephone.

Although deaths elevator accidents are rare, it is vital to be aware of the negligent acts of others negatively, in general, the best we can. This will prevent a possible wrongful death for you and your loved ones. Although it is difficult to control the negligence of others in a public place, a place you can control is at home.

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