Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Video Cut Tari - Eriel (99% asli)

Cut Tari and Ariel still silent about their similar porn videos scene. However, observers analyze multimedia call, the cast of women in the video was very similar to Dance Cut. 99 percent similarity.

Abhimanyu Wachjoehidajat multimedia Observer stated, porn video picture quality similar to Ariel with Cut Dance better than similar porn videos LunaMaya. He also analyzed, although the quality is better, the video was taken using a mobile phone.

"Using better quality phones, camcorders might not. Because

camcorders are usually good, "said Abhimanyu, when met reporters in Cilandak Town Square, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (08/06/2010).

So good is the resulting image video, Abhishek said the eyes and nose of women in the video is very similar to Dance Cut. Ring finger that is in women in the video is also similar to a ring that belongs to the presenter 'Insert' it.

"When viewed from the female actors, is not visible because it happened accidentally

split second, and evidence of female ring. But viewed from the profile

eyes, nose, and I can say 99 percent because of these similarities are too obvious, "

Abhimanyu explained.

As for male actors, Abhishek denganAriel express the degree of similarity reaches 70 percent. "If there real it looks great. There could face bigger clearer than yesterday," said Abhimanyu again. (



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