Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Honda CBX Extreme Show

Changing old into a more stylish look and be different is the usual case the modifier. Like the British modifier named Larry Houghton. Tuner based in Salisbury, Wiltshire is completely overhauled Honda CBX motor output in 1983. Houghton hands of almost no longer see the original face CBX, now 6-cylinder motorcycle engine was featured and extremely fierce. Taper angles of the body color the antiquity of this motor.
Houghton inspired by models of motor racing ancient epithet cafe racer, with a distinctive minimalist look of motorcycle drag. Queen Elizabeth’s country of origin tuner is made specifically for the unique tank CBX. Made from aluminum, size 1 inch, the tuner makes origami models with sharp corners. As we all know is the art of paper folding origami originated from Japan. Houghton to adopt this model and makes it seem extremely long motor. Chrome tank makes this motor show rehearsal.
It increasingly looks sturdy motor, because the legs by Houghton made larger than the default. Houghton to adopt a pair of Marchesini rims-17’s Ducati 916. While the Ducati’s suspension was also adopted as in the front, swingarm and monoshock. But a unique look at the front of shock in the cover plate-shaped shield. Part of the engine and gearbox made more elegant with the new models are made of chrome plated, so in this section makes Honda CBX look younger. Houghton cultivation project was dubbed Wide Boy and the motors are rated into three classes when London Ace Cafe Freestyle & Custom Motorcycle Show.


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